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Laundry? I’ve got studying to do!

If you haven’t found yourself saying this yet, you likely will very soon. The reality is that you don’t have to let dirty laundry hold you back from the things you know you should be doing. Time is money and, let’s face it, you’re going places…and the laundromat just isn’t on the list. Let us handle the dirty work and you get back to doing what you do.

Stinky kid(s) in class

Attention parents! While you may not lose sleep over whether your college-aged kid is wearing clean clothes each day (okay, maybe you do), wouldn’t it be nice to know your student is well-equipped to make studying priority? Now, trips home for the weekend can be more about spending time together than slaving over mom’s washer and dryer.

Ready to get started?

If you’re seeing the value in keeping focused on schoolwork this year without pesky distractions like laundry, we encourage you to check out our month-to-month, semester, and yearly laundry subscriptions. We’re sure there’s a package to suit your needs.