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Laundry. On your Terms.

Get your clothes washed, dried, folded and delivered with Soke.
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What is Soke?

Imagine a friend with some free time doing your laundry so you can get back on schedule.

Now, make that mental picture a reality. Soke lets you connect with friends nearby who are available to wash, dry, fold, and deliver your clothes back to you…all with just a swipe of the finger.

Take a load off!

It’s easy to find help with Soke and take control of your schedule. Our marketplace provides a convenient and safe way to handle your laundry so you can focus where it counts: class, projects, time with friends, and maybe even a little sleep.

The Scoop

Place an order with just two taps. We’ll confirm the location and time.

The Pro

We’ll geo-locate a Soke ProTM to pickup your bag and get started.

The Dirty Work

Leave the hard work and get back to studying, hanging or playing.

The Delivery

Receive your clothes, washed, dried and folded. Soke is simple.

Plans and Pricing

We have several laundry subscription plans to suit your clothes washing habits and preferences. 

Our Guarantee

100% satisfaction or your money back

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can fit into each bag?

We’ve found our bags are just the right size for the average load. Throw just a few items in or stuff it to the brim, as long as it’s in the bag, we’ll get it clean!

How does your 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

If you’re dissatisfied with your service for any reason, we’ll refund the amount of your load, no questions asked. Well, we might ask a couple of questions…we appreciate feedback that helps us provide better value.

Where do my clothes get washed?

Soke partners with local professional laundromats and dry cleaners to bring freshly-laundered and folded clothes right to your door.

What if I want my clothes to be washed or dried in a specific way?

Through our app, special instructions can be added to each bag. Each Soke Pro is notified of the special instructions and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Who uses Soke?

Many customers are students taking a full-course load, heavily involved in campus organizations, leaders within the Greek community, or earning their Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees.

Don't Be Shy

If you still have questions about our laundry service, or you just want to chat about the proper way to fold a T-Shirt, feel free to drop us a line anytime!